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Here, There & Otherwhere, Vol 2 . . . 2013

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. . . Another anthology of narrative nonfiction, these (except for TWO!) set domestically but occurring at times spanning more than seven decades. Meet Father Flanagan when Boystown is mostly a dream. WHO KNEW that laundering could be such an adventure?   Who ever heard of a fisher cat ? What happens when the government decides you are a “deceased person”? And much more. . . .

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Here, There & Otherwhere Volume 1 — $14.99

Here is the African Jungle $15.00

Kiti on Ice $12.00

Arctic Circles $15.99

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  1. Caroline Crooker
    Caroline Crooker February 11, 2014 at 5:45 pm · Reply

    I purchased the book from Phyl and I am fortunate to have signed copies. Here in The African Jungle is a wonderful children’s book, Phyl was an amazing women with so much more to do and every week that I saw her, she had a new story and a new adventure she was about to embark on. She was a brilliant story teller, and writer. How fortunate I was to have this women as a dear friend.

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