Originally from Nebraska, author Phyl Manning worked as an educator while living overseas much of her adult life—the West Pacific, Southeast Asia, Europe—and has traveled to large extent along "paths not often taken."

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""Exciting adventures in a historical and cross-cultural novel. Phyl Manning has done her homework . . . and obviously understands a good deal about people besides!"
- Roy Erford, Chico Enterprise-Record

Young Nik comes of age in this book of adventure, search and life-threatening circumstance. Set among the Inupiat of the High Arctic in the last generation to live according to the 5,000-year-old tradition, this second and final historical novel includes as "grandmother" the original Kiti on Ice.

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Focused on the traditional Inupiat in conjunction with doctoral studies in anthropology, I determined to help give these remarkable people literary breath, thought, and action after scholarly writing was concluded. Kiti on Ice is an adventure novel for adults.


Kiti on Ice
flute (860 KB)

"Stunning...breathtaking and chilling chronicle of life in another time and place that no reader will forget."
- Claire Braz-Valentine, Playwright and Poet

"Using characters that walk off the page...lets us feel the warm breath of a seal, whiff the aroma of whale blubber, shiver in frigid temperatures...Manning weaves her reader into the icy fabric of the Arctic."
- Chicki Mallan, Travel Writer

Kiti is nineteen when her mother dies giving birth to a son and leaves Kiti responsible for the infant's safety. By placing the baby outdoors to die, the shaman father consigns his only daughter to rescuing her brother and transporting him to the frozen high islands of her mother's people. In this quest adventure we enter the world of traditional Inupiat and the little-known High Arctic filled with danger, darkness, stark beauty--and harsh demands that permit no second chance.

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Africa is a favored destination and the wildlife in Southern Africa a long-time passion. Here is the African Jungle is based on a sunset scene at a tributary to the Zambezi River, with animals in the book doing what they normally do "...except of course they don't speak English!" As far as we know.

African Jungle
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"Captivating...a lyrical quality that complements the incredible illustrations"
- The Reading Tub, September 2006

"Witty and bouncy and calls to be read aloud...it made me smile!"
- Dan Barnett, Chico Enterprise-Record

Here is the African Jungle takes you to the trees and water of beautiful Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. Here are the largest and wisest, tallest, fiercest, loudest, hungriest, blindest, the most clever—surely among the most magnificent of the world's glorious wildlife, gathered by water at the edge of the mysterious Kalahari Desert.

Featuring full-color illustrations by Steve Ferchaud. From
Wizard Graphics Publishing.

A portion of profit from sale of this book goes to the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation of Durham, California.

Available in softcover from Amazon.com.


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